Hired Mason Lawn Care Company And They Are Great

I was searching around for a lawn care company to hire to mow my grass. Over the past year, my health has declined and it’s not a task I can take on myself. I wanted to hire a local company so I started asking around to see what I could find out about the ones in the area.

Tips for Hiring a Local Company

I went on Facebook and asked my friends there for recommendations for maineville mowing company in the area. I received several responses from my friends and I was overwhelmed with the different companies they suggested. There was one name that kept popping up and one of my friends suggested I look at their Facebook page to get more information. I went to the Facebook page for Mason Lawn Care and I saw lots of pictures posted and also reviews left by their clients. I was reading such great things about them so I decided to contact them to see if they could give me an estimate.

Mason Lawn Care Costs & Prices

I called the number on their Facebook page and they answered within just a few rings. They told me they would need to come and look at my yard in order to give me the closest estimate. They came over the same day and told me what it would cost. They said they would be able to mow it for me in a few days if I could wait. Since I had heard such great things, waiting for them to mow my grass wasn’t an issue.

lawn care company

They came and mowed my grass and did a great job. I asked them to add me into their regular rotation and they have done a great job every time they have mowed my grass for me. I have been really happy with them and told others about Mason Lawn Care.